Server-Side Processing - Programming for the Web

Server-side means just that - behind the scenes - on the side of the Web server itself - where real programming takes place to increase the functionality of your Web site.

Automate Your Web Site

Server-side processing brings you database access, submit forms, tracking and rotation of your ads, password protected pages and forms, and much more.

  • Put your forms online - on the Web or in-house
  • Keep track of clients, invoicing, employees, and more
  • Administer your e-commerce system
  • Edit your website content
  • Add a search bar to your site
  • Manage your database with easy to use forms
  • Store valuable information
  • Present utilities and statistics

With custom programming, we can create almost anything you want to do with your site, and provide that process in a secure environment. Here are some ideas you may not have considered.

49% of Web Traffic is Generated from Cell Phones

If your site is not mobile-friendly you're losing business!

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