What We Do

One of the great advantages of Responsive Design is the ability of your Web site to be easily accessible and display well in a variety of devices. This is particularly important today, with 49% of Web traffic generating from mobile devices.

Studies show that figure continues to rise.

Whether you are looking for a new design or an upgrade to your present site, we will create or transform your Web presence to adapt to a range of devices in a pleasant, easy-to-navigate structure.

We have three different approaches, depending on your requirements. These methods are described below.

New Design

Designing a new site for your Web presence allows us to create a Responsive Design blueprint, building the fundamental concepts of these methods right into the design. However, if you would like to upgrade your current design, see the next sections.

Site Upgrade

In most instances, we can adapt your present design for Responsive compatibility. We will carefully assess your present design to see what needs to be done, along with any changes you may want to make.

Some sites, due to their architecture, may require more restructuring than you may consider financially feasible. If this is the case, we may suggest the third step below, or a combination of both.

Pages Designed for Mobile

When some pages do not easily adapt to mobile devices, we can re-design those pages for smooth compatibility. When a mobile device is detected, those pages are simply served up to that device, without changing the architecture of your desktop pages.

No matter your choice of design, if you have "back-end" code on your site that utilizes database or other technologies, that code remains the same. Should you want to change any of that code, however, we have the expertise to do so.


Responsive Design utilizes new innovations for the World Wide Web. We will design your site to display well in all modern browsers. Because these innovations are fairly new, older browsers, particularly Internet Explorer 7 and 8, do not understand the computer code in every instance, so we design all pages to compensate for these browsers also, providing a smooth experience for your site visitors, no matter what device or software they are using.