What SEO Is (And Isn't)

Search Engine Optimization is a set of methods used to achieve optimal ranking for a Web site when a user enters a certain set of keywords. There are good methods and bad methods, but there is no magic formula. If there was, of course, everyone would be number one, and that defies the laws of physics. "Pie-in-the-sky" claims by unscrupulous characters, who's practice is trying to outsmart search engine algorithms, as well as their customers, may get you banned entirely. Good optimization means achieving better quality traffic and improved overall rankings in the natural organic non-paid portion of search engine results.

We build websites for people, not search engines. What that means is that we do not ascribe efficient SEO to methods of trickery, and we do not give SEO priority over user-friendly design. High rankings will not do a lot of good if your site is confusing once a visitor lands there. Hand-in-hand with good design, we simply give search engines what they want - and lots of it! Our methods are legitimate and sound, built around increasing your Web traffic and assuring you have a significent presence on the Web.

A primary goal of SEO is to find the "keywords" users might most often enter into a search engine to find your service or product, and to make sure your site contains those keywords. But it doesn't stop there - not by a long shot. Search engines use complex algorithms to determine your ranking, including site popularity, structure and content, mobile-accessibility and much more.

Search engine algorithms are a tightly held secret, and constantly changing, in order to avoid unfair advantage as well as providing a favorable result for users. This makes ultimate optimization a full time job, necessarily requiring additional time and fees above the cost of your Web design. However, there is a lot we will do in the development or upgrade of your site that has much to do with SEO. Take a look below to review the SEO methods used in developing your site, as well as a full-time optimization plan.

Included With Every Web Site

At a basic level, we will make sure the internal coding of your site is properly designed for SEO. That also means using Responsive Design to make sure your site is Mobile Friendly and that it displays well on a range of different devices. Next, we will research keywords for the most competitive terms in your industry and make sure the right amount of those keywords are included in the content of your site, as well as other terms that may make your site unique. We will analyze your competitors and see what is going on in your world. If we are upgrading a site that already has a Web presence, we will analyze your current statistics, if available, and compare them over the next few months to assure we are improving your search engine results. We will also advise you on the use of social media, fresh Web site content and solid, beneficial link building.

Ultimate SEO

We strongly advise a steady SEO plan for your business or organization. It is the best method of advertising on the Web. Users may ignore the ads on the side of the page, but they will not ignore the listings that show up first when they search for an item or topic.

Ultimate SEO is a full-time job. It means continually updating your site to make sure it is up-to-date with what is known of the latest algorithms use by search engines. It means making sure you have a social media presence that is actively bringing new interest to your site. Assuring you have a presence elsewhere on the Web is also important, as well as finding and contacting relevant high-traffic sites who may be interested in linking to your content.

Finally, all these methods and more are carefully analyzed on a regular basis - by assessing the traffic statistics from your site. By doing so, we can make a constant assessment of achievements and make adjustments as necessary as well as providing you with regular reports. There may not be a magic formula, but there are certainly many ways to stay on top of the game.

Ask us what we can do to achieve Ultimate SEO for your site.

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